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Accident & Health Insurance

Protect the members of your Emergency Service organization (ESO) with supplemental benefits every member deserves. What happens to your member or volunteer who gets hurt on a call while protecting and saving the life and property of others? Does he (she) have health insurance coverage? Does he (she) have adequate disability insurance of the injury is long-term or even permanent? Does he (she) have adequate life insurance to protect their family?

Help us help you protect and provide for your organization's most important and valuable asset...you members!

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Property Insurance

While you are out and protecting and saving others' property, be sure your buildings and contents are adequately insured. Check your policy for building amount, type of coverage, deductible, and policy period. Call us with a copy of the information to compare and offer alternatives for coverage.

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Business Auto Insurance

Some businesses own vehicles used in their daily operation. If those vehicles are titled in the business name, or if an individual uses the vehicle primarily for business use, a business auto policy is needed to protect the business from liability concerns on the road. Business auto rates, in part, are affected by:

  • The size and type of the vehicle
  • The operating radius
  • The driver(s) and his record
  • Coverage limits
  • Physical damage and other deductibles

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