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Daily Drivers

Agreed Value policies are available for your Daily Drivers with Iris Fox Insurance. Yes, thats right: you predetermine the value of your vehicle. In the event of a total loss, the amount is paid, with no deductible in most states.

Exotic Cars

From Ferraris to Lamborghinis to Bugattis and other special cars, we'll cover your exotic vehicles. High Liability Limits are available, up to $10,000,000 to offer added security a little more peace of mind.

Collector Vehicles

A Motor-home is like a second home so it requires more protection than the average vehicle. with "MVP Status," your covered. Available specialty coverages include: Vacations Liability, Scheduled Medical Payments, Emergency Expense, Replacement Cost Personal Effects, Scheduled Personal Effects, Full Timers Package, Trailer Coverage, Disappearing Deductibles, Emergency Road Service, and Fire Department Service Charge.

Service Vehicles...And the Vehicles They Tow

Whether it's a trailer for your thoroughbred, speedboat or collector vehicle, Iris Fox Insurance will cover the Trailer and the pick-up truck or other service vehicle that tows it. Together, we specialize in providing the coverages you need, so you can feel secure while you tow your personal valuables across the state or country.


The MVP program's motorcycle insurance is designed to provide Affordable Coverage for every rider and virtually every bike: Cruisers, Street Sport Bikes, Limited productions Motorcycles, Touring/Sport Touring Bikes, Trikes, High Performance Bikes, Scooters/Mopeds, Harley-Davidson Motorcyles, Electric Motorcycles, and ATVs

Everything Else on Wheels

So long as your motor vehicle is licensed for road use, Iris Fox Insurance will find insurance for it.



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