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Being on a boat is all about freedom. So you need insurance that lets you be worry free. 

Iris Fox Insurance offers a pleasure boat-owners product to help make every experience on your boat an enjoyable one.

Boat and personal watercraft coverage can vary greatly among companies, but you can always count on us to be there for you both on and off the water.

With a pleasure boat-owners policy from Iris Fox Insurance, you're free to focus on having a good time.

If you're an avid watercraft enthusiast with some nice toys in your garage, you might want to check into watercraft insurance. Don't assume that your craft is covered under homeowners insurance, because in most cases, they aren't. First, know your watercraft! Fully understand all operational aspects and characteristics before heading out onto the open water. Your personal watercraft is considered a powerboat, so you need to obey the rules governed for powerboats by the Coast Guard and other marine authorities. Your local waterways sometimes have their own guidelines for use, so get to know and understand them as well.

Who/What is covered? 

         It comes down to the policy specifics, but in most cases, the policy will cover you, your spouse, or any other household member that have permission to ride the craft. The policy will pay for bodily injury or other property damages caused by the craft. Various available coverages includes medical payments, physical damage, uninsured boater, and personal effects

Medical Payments 

          This extra coverage will pay for the costs of necessary medical treatment that results from an accident involving the watercraft.

Physical Damage 

          This will cover the the costs of repair to the watercraft if you are in a collision with another watercraft or other object. In most cases, you'll be also be covered in cases of theft, vandalism or fire.

Uninsured Boater 

          This coverage will pays for medical treatment that results from an accident with another boater who does not have insurance.

Personal Effects 

          This optional coverage will cover some of the various common contents kept within a watercraft. These may include cameras, binoculars, clothing, or assorted accessories.

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